The Story of a Couple Who Defied All Odds to Create a Beautiful Family Together

Their journey began in 2017 when Mynor and two of his siblings resettled in North Carolina, taking advantage of the Central American Minor (CAM) family reunification program to join their stepmother and father. CWS Durham assisted Mynor’s stepmother with the petitioning process and provided vital resettlement services upon their arrival.

Meanwhile, Mynor’s future wife, Nancy, was relocated to Minnesota through the same program. But the story of their meeting pre-dates their arrival in the U.S. This fateful encounter occurred at the U.S. embassy in El Salvador during pre-settlement processing. Though they didn’t exchange words that day, their connection would soon transcend physical boundaries through the digital realm of Facebook, more than a year later.

Initial doubts from their families were soon overshadowed by the power of love. Despite concerns about distance and an age difference (Nancy being older), they embarked on a long-distance relationship that culminated in Nancy’s relocation to North Carolina six years ago.

Their early days together were marked by adversity, sharing a cramped room with an inflatable mattress and relying on taxis for transportation. Nancy found herself longing for the snow of her former home.

However, their bond grew stronger, and fortune soon favored them. They acquired their own car and moved into a more spacious apartment.

Their next challenge was parenthood, which initially seemed impossible. Medical professionals advised Nancy that conceiving wasn’t feasible. Undeterred, they persevered. With the aid of a healer and a touch of magic, Nancy conceived, and they joyfully welcomed their baby girl into the world two years ago.

In 2022, they celebrated their union, and last month, with the assistance of Church World Service Durham’s immigration legal services, they became U.S. citizens. Their next endeavor? Purchasing their first family home.