Refugees often step off the plane at Raleigh-Durham International Airport with only a few belongings in a backpack or suitcase. They have to rebuild their lives from the ground-up. Donations, whether in-kind or financial, support newcomers as they regain a sense of home, safety, and belonging.


Household Donations

Household items help newcomers set up their first home in the U.S. We rely on volunteer Welcome Teams to furnish apartments for new arrivals. Add your name and donation items to this google form so that CWS Volunteers can use your donations for an apartment setup!

Donation Form
*CWS staff does not have the capacity to store, transport, and coordinate individual household item deliveries, but we know these donations are so important! Sign up on the Google Form above so that CWS volunteers can coordinate directly with you to pick up items for refugees apartment setups.

Gift Cards

Donating Visa Gift Cards is a great way to support newly-arrived families. Gift cards provide flexibility for families to shop for themselves and pick out what they need most.  You can buy gift cards through our Amazon wishlist and have them shipped directly to our office!



Whether setting up a Facebook birthday fundraiser, running a marathon, or hosting a meet and greet, fundraising is a great way to donate your time and influence to raise money to support refugees!

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