Mandy’s Farewell Interview


Nurul, a new arrival from Burma, and Mandy at CWS talking work talk.

Check out this short interview with Mandy, our previous Employment Team Coordinator who recently left CWS-Durham to start a new chapter in her life. Read below for her insider scoop on working hands on with refugee resettlement in Durham.

Q: What has been your favorite part of the Employment Team Coordinator position?

A: I have really enjoyed watching our employment program grow and develop. We have listened to clients over the years to identify gaps in the services available and challenges newly arrived refugees face as they start their lives in the U.S. and grown our program to offer more holistic services and meet those needs. It has been incredible to be part of such a dynamic, innovative office.

Q: What are some of your best anecdotes from your experience at CWS?

A: Sometimes refugee resettlement gets really busy and hectic all at once, and the demands on staff increase exponentially. Many of my favorite memories have come from those periods where teamwork really comes into play on another level. I love the way our staff works together and our community is so supportive.

Q: What are some things you want the community to know about refugee resettlement and employment?

A: Refugee resettlement offers people who have been through unimaginable things a chance at a fresh start and an opportunity to rebuild their lives. It’s amazing to watch people find meaning in their jobs and give back to the community. Refugees are astoundingly resourceful and some of the best problem-solvers out there, and they have so much to offer.

Q: Where are you off to now?!

A: My fiancé and I are moving to Germany, where he will begin a research position. I am looking forward to exploring Europe, and experiencing resettlement to a new country and culture for myself.