Reigniting Hope

April 24, 2024

In a conversation with Madison Burke, Migrant Services Coordinator at CWS, Paula* shares her gratitude for the sustainers of the Immigrant Solidarity Fund (ISF) for the support that they’ve offered she and her family during a moment of crisis. Paula arrived in the community in 2005, when her family brought her as an adolescent from Michoacán, Mexico. Her parents remain...

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One Million Blessings

March 27, 2024

It was a beautiful day in February when this family finally got to hug each other again after nearly six years apart.   For years, Marco waited for the day when his wife and three daughters in El Salvador could join him in the new life he was building for them in Durham. In Spring 2017, with the support of...

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The Story of a Couple Who Defied All Odds to Create a Beautiful Family Together

March 21, 2024

Their journey began in 2017 when Mynor and two of his siblings resettled in North Carolina, taking advantage of the Central American Minor (CAM) family reunification program to join their stepmother and father. CWS Durham assisted Mynor’s stepmother with the petitioning process and provided vital resettlement services upon their arrival. Meanwhile, Mynor’s future wife, Nancy, was relocated to Minnesota through...

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“The Fund Helped Me Avoid Being Evicted”

German Muñoz

May 19, 2022

English “The fund helped me avoid being evicted,” she said with a sigh of relief. This single mother of three from Veracruz, Mexico and 15-year resident in the U.S. described to CWS Migrant Services Coordinator, German, how the Immigrant Solidarity Fund (ISF) supported her and her family after she lost her job due to COVID-19. “Losing my job during the...

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The Central American Minor Program: Children Reuniting with Parents in Durham

June 29, 2021

“It’s the right thing to do,” Kelly Chauvin, Immigration Services Coordinator at CWS repeated time and again regarding her work with the Central American Minors program (CAM). Simply being the right thing to do, however, does not make it easy. Founded in 2014, in response to the 2013 crisis at the Southern US border, the CAM program seeks to reunite...

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