“The power you have is so great”

“I can’t even find the words to explain how this program changed my life,” Susana said. “You can’t imagine what it means to us in El Salvador that this office reached out to us from the U.S. and offered to help us.

Our legal office may look unassuming, but the power housed in its walls can change lives. Susana’s story is one of many: in 2015 she was living in El Salvador without a legal avenue to the U.S. to join her family. She had tried to come before, but was unable to get approved. Then her family learned about the Central American Minors (CAM) program and CWS Durham.

“You had the power to help with all the papers, with all the calls and filling out the forms,” she said. “Something that was impossible for me was made possible through CWS.”

A legal journey to the U.S. requires hours of paperwork, qualified legal assistance, and extensive follow-up. And for the families benefiting from the Un Paso Más campaign, that journey grew even more complex when their travel plans were cancelled in 2017 by the Trump administration.

“I spend every moment praying for my son to come. I love him.” said one mother impacted by this decision in 2017. “My heart was broken when they cancelled the trip.”

Now that the program has been reopened for these families, we have the chance to make the impossible possible for 82 of these children through the Un Paso Más campaign. We are over 30% of the way to our goal of $25,000 and the next $3,000 in donations will be matched by a generous community donor!

We asked Susana what potential donors should know about this campaign and she said this: “They have to know that they have the power to save lives, reunite families, and give someone a new life…For me this is the thing.

Wow, what they can do. They don’t know the power they have to do this. The power they have is so great.”

28 children have already had their legal costs covered through the Un Paso Más campaign. Help make the impossible possible for the other 54 families with a donation to Un Paso Más!

Donate at cwsrdu.org/un-paso-mas 

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